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So, season 9 starts airing tonight in the US (Lucky Canada has had it already -- who knows how long the rest of us have to wait?). Are you ready?

I know season 8 didn't bring us much to flap about for our beloved twosome (sadly), and no doubt that's one of the reasons it's a little quiet around here. But maybe they'll bring it for season 9. We can hope, right? After all, the odd numbered seasons do seem to be the best ones for our boys.

So here's a little pre-season warm up to get us remembering why we love these guys so much:

Tell us your favourite Tim/Tony moment so far. Was it a look? A scene? A random hug? What made it special to you?

And then tell us if you had your way, what would happen to Tim and Tony this season. If you want to imagine where they might actually go with the subtext/friendship, go ahead. If you prefer to think up wild and wacky theories of things that would never happen on screen but you'd love to see, post that, too!

Can't wait to see what you come up with. :D

Happy NCIS day!


May. 28th, 2010 06:14 pm
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I'm watching Bounce (and yes, I love USA Network) and it got me thinking. How the hell did Tim know about the DiNozzo Defibrillator? Brings such... slashy thoughts to mind. LOL.

Anyone else know of other tiny, unexplainable-in-canon details that Tim and Tony know about each other? I just love to pick it apart so I can fic it. :)

Love and cherries,
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OK, I have a question. And I'm not trying to start a flame war, just get some understanding of a characterization.

It seems like a lot of the Tim-centric fics I read, whether McNozzo or otherwise, are more anti-Abby than NCIS fics in general. And the ones that drive me crazy tend to be slash fics with Tim, usually paired with Tony. I know since Abby/McGee are canon, at least past canon, that she has to be dealt with somehow. But why take the "Abby abuses poor Timmy horribly" route? Although obviously there are lots of great T2 fics out there where Abby is their best friend, so not everybody goes that path.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't see evil Abby (no matter how many spikes on her collar). Anybody have any thoughts on where evil/selfish Abby comes from? Or am I just too much of a McAbby fan to be able to see it even when I'm putting Tim with Tony.
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Hi y'all,

Just wanted to start a little healthy discussion/debate about Tony's sexuality. Do you think he is Tim-sexual, bi-sexual, homosexual, pan-sexual etc? How do you factor his on-screen relations in regards to his sexuality, particularly Jeanne Benoit?

My thoughts are under this cut )

What are your thoughts?
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Guilty Pleasures - Episode Discussion!!

Thoughts? Fave Bits? Some Place To *squee*? Oh yes people, let us all squee together! =D

Not watched the episode yet? Go Now! We'll be waiting =]

Obviously this post (&comments) will contain Spoilers, so if u haven't watched the episode yet and u don't want to ruin it, don't read =]
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Yesterday afternoon I attended the Q&A on with our delicious and talented Michael Weatherly. While I loved watching him respond to the fan's questions, what I enjoyed (and squealed over) the most was his answers to a few of the questions which involve none other than our adorkable Timmy.

Is MW perhaps a secret Tony/Tim shipper?! I don't knooooow ...

What do you think? ^_~ )


Apr. 13th, 2009 10:01 pm
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I read somewhere than in the DVDS, Michael Weatherly said some nice things about McGee/Tony.

I wouldn't be surprised about him not minding the slash, I know he pointed the Tony/Gibbs things in the commentaries of the first seasons, and he's a Magnum/Higgins slasher. And I know he added the thing where he always touch Sean to make a scene more living or something.

I would check myself, but here, the DVDs of the first seasons don't have the bonus, and I don't know if the other have the commentaries.

So that's my question. Anyone here have the dvds, listened the commentaries and could confirm or deny the rumor?


Mar. 1st, 2007 12:20 am
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Are you up to a challenge? I don't know if a lot of you are writers too, but If i start a challenge would you be interested?


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