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Name:Very Special Agents
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Community description:Very Special Agents in love
tony obnoxiously grabbing tim and tim loving it

This is dedicated to the lovely guys, Tony Dinozzo and Timothy McGee. Feel free to join and post, if it's Tim/Tony related. This means the two in a relationship. If they are working towards a relationship that's okay, too. Other pairings involving either Tim or Tony are not appropriate for this comm unless it is leading to Tim/Tony. If you are unsure whether a fic is appropriate for this comm, please PM a mod, we're happy to help!

Please be considerate of each other: this means clearly tagged warnings for violence (sexual violence included), underage sex or character death. You can also choose not to warn, but make it obvious, please!

Please use cuts for all stories archived on the comm (does anyone do that any more?), icons (if more than 3) and fanart.

Fics should be clearly labelled:
Pairing: This should involve Tim/Tony but may involve other couples also
Rating: Use whichever system you prefer, but make sure it is clearly understood
Warnings: Where appropriate - please use common courtesy.
Summary: Tell us a little bit about what to expect from your story. Author's Notes: These are optional and should be short and to the point. If you are archiving to the comm, please put extended author's notes under a cut. Things we need to know: whether the fic has spoilers and what for, whether the fic is beta'd (thanks are a courtesy), prompt or challenge link if appropriate. Things we do not need to know: If your cat has been unwell so you didn't have time to get it beta'd, if you had a bad day at work, if you saw someone on the street who reminded you of Sean Murray in Season get the picture. :D

For fanart, please use as many of these headings as appropriate.

Please tag all entries using our tag system. If you are unsure which tags to use have a look at previous entries to give you some idea. If you need a new author or artist tag, you can flag it up in your post or PM the tagging mod (catwalksalone).

Thank you!

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