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I recently posted a new Tim/Tony video called, "Ready Or Not," but it was necessary to take the downloadable version down due to tech issues. However, they've been resolved, and the downloadable version of the video is available again, here. Comments are cherished.
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Title: Ready Or Not
Song Artist: Aimee Mann
Video Artist: Fabella (wistful_fever)
Summary: ...my partner, my electricity... (Dinozzo/Mcgee)
Fandom: NCIS
Warning: Spoilers up to and including Season 7. Slash.
Disclaimer: I intend no copyright infringement with this video. It is remixed and a commentary on the source.
Video Size: 50mb, DivX

Download the video or stream it at my journal here
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I've had it with WMG and Youtube! >:{

Anyway, I finally caved in and made my first NCIS video. The song was originally going to be Hall & Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True," but after listening to it over and over, I realized they kept singing "girl" at the end, and well... neither Tony nor Tim are girls so I decided to change it Fleetwood Mac's "Don't Stop." It was the closest one I could think of with the length, and the feel of it is similar to the first song. I'm rambling... I hope you guys like <3

Title: Don't Stop
Length: 3:03

Don't Stop Tim and Tony!

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Somebody | Tim/Tony. Spoilers for 7x07.
This is a tiny episodic vidlet for "Endgame". It's all about Tony's jealousy. And tiny vidlet is tiny... but it's all I had time for. :(

embed/download (xvid) at my journal
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"Timmy," Tony says. | Tim/Tony. Spoilers up to 7x03.
Summary? The title speaks for itself.

embed/download (xvid) at my journal

(Mod! We need a vid tag!)
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video graphic )

Video Details

Title: Office Politics
Song: "Mercy" by Duffy
Video Artist: Fabella ([livejournal.com profile] wistful_fever)
Summary: Tony has found either a romance or a lawsuit, you be the judge. "I'm not gay, Tony." "Bi-curious?" Pure fluffy joy type stuff. Tony/McGee.
Fandom: NCIS (Seasons 1-5)
Warning: Slash, M/M
Length: 3:32
Format: xvid/divx avi

The download/viewing links are here.


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