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Hi all,

Long time McNozzo shipper, first time poster (as I've only just come back to livejournal after an absence of 6 years).

Anyway after discovering a wonderfully Mcnozzo photo that Pauley Perrette posted on Twitter (I don't actually have an account - I just randomly look at the accounts of a few people ie cast of NCIS) I decided I had to share the love with all like-minded McNozzoids.

This is more proof that Michael Weatherley sooo ships McNozzo -------->

See full photos under the cut )

Here's the link to PauleyP's original post on twitter.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!
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Here's the end of the gif story! And, wow, Tony and McGee like to be lost in each other's eyes in season 7.

Click here for the first part of 6. What can I say, they were particularly in love this year :) There is a link to the next part at the end of each post.

Click here for the complete story with the gifs as link only.

For the other seasons:

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6
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Oooh, season 8 is soo close! Meanwhile, the gif story for season 6 is done, four parts this time!

Here's part 1, link to the next part at the end of the post.

And here's the complete story with the gifs as link only.

See you Tuesday for the end of the story. Until S8 :D
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And here's the season 5's gif story!

Here's the first part (of 3), link to the next part at the end of every post.

Here's the complete version with the gifs as link only.

Also, the precedent stories saw the bandwidth exceeded on many gifs, so I added an alternate link below those not working.
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Here's the next part of the gifs! Where McGee start to get with the program and a possible obstacle appear.

If some of the gifs say bandwitdh exceeded, you can open them in another window.

Like the last time: Link to the first part (of 3) for the gif story of season 4.

Link to the complete story with the gifs as link only.
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And here's the season 3 gifs and stories, in 3 parts.

Here's the link for the first part: Season 3 Part 1. Link to the next part at the end of each post.

Here's the link for the complete stories and the gifs as link only, so dial-up friendly: Season 3 Complete.

Season 4 will start Tuesday, 3 parts too.
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Here's the gifs and the little stories going with them from season 2:

For the posts with the gifs, here's the link to the first part (of 3): http://schtroumph-c.livejournal.com/160425.html.

There's a link to the next part at the end of each post.

For the one post with the complete story and the gifs as link only: here it is.
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At least, the season 1. Season 2 start tomorrow, and will be in three parts.

Here's the link of the last part with the gifs: Not dial-up friendly.

And like I said in the other post, here's the link to the dial-up friendly post: All the parts, but with a link to the gifs.

Gif story

Aug. 15th, 2010 10:36 pm
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Hi everyone!

To wait until season 8, I'm making gifs from all the seasons. Mainly Tony/McGee, of course, and accompanied by a little story of their relationship since season 1.

There is occasionally Ducky, Gibbs, Palmer, Kate and Abby, and there'll be Ziva when I'll start season 3.

Each season start every Tuesday, I already started season 1.

Here's the links of the posts already done (13 gifs maximum by post):

Season 1 Part 1

Season 1 Part 2

Season 1 Part 3

Season 1 Part 4

And there's a fifth part to post tomorrow.

Also, at the end of every week, I'll compile the story in one post and put the gifs as link only to be dial-up friendly, if someone prefer waiting for it.

Do you prefer a post here every time I finish a part or a post every week with the compile?


Mar. 18th, 2010 11:14 pm
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I recently learned to do gifs and of course, I did some of NCIS, and count on doing more (next planned, Tony's shocked face in the end of Sub Rosa). The first results are behind the cut, kinda big. I'm happy with some, less with other, but thought maybe you'd like them.

One is from Sub Rosa, one from Caged, and four from Truth or Consequence. The lot could be titled "Tony likes a lot Timmy."

Read more... )

Links are fixed and gifs viewable again, if someone came here after the Bandwidth Exceeded message.
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The person we can thank for this is [livejournal.com profile] alyssinmymind, the article is recent, and it was accompanied by the comments of two journalists:

someone wrote "Strange but true! Did McGee get the best of DiNozzo? Are we in a alternative universe or am I dreaming?" and the other comment below says "No everything's true! At the Paramount international press junket the two actors met in the corridors of the Hotel in LA for the interviews and they greet in that way!"

She also nicely gave a scan. Bigger, clearer image behind the cut!

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Seriously, it's awesome! Sean and Michael, the legend says "at the Paramount international press junket in LA". Find the hands.

You can find it here.

Just in case, it's also behind the cut:

Read more... )


Dec. 17th, 2008 11:31 pm
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I wanted to do some picspam to show NCIS to the people who still don't know about it. Then, it changed into wanted to do something to show the McGee/DiNozzo, to equilibrate the things against Tony/Gibbs.

In the end, I have three posts with picspam, mainly about the pairing, with the rest of the team slipping when I wasn't watching, and with more posts coming, probably until Christmas.

First Day: One scene from Corporal Punishment (5x10) and Tony/Tim in Under Covers (3x08)

Day Two: Shalom (4x01)

Day Three: Escaped (4x02)

I put some of my favorites behind the cut, all with Tony and Tim.

From the posts, spoilers for the same episodes )
ext_123020: (NCIS: McGee/Tony: Yummy!Timmy)
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Maybe I'm not a 'royal' McGee/DiNozzo fan, but I like them, so I came bearing some caps of these two.

Caps from every seasons, including S4. )

*Caps are, obviously, not mine. These are taken from everywhere; Michael Weatherly Fans, Weatherly Only, [livejournal.com profile] dj43 and [livejournal.com profile] leggyslove.


Feb. 24th, 2007 08:04 pm
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So...welcome to KissmeeProbie! ^^
I hope you will have fun here and that we will gain numbers.
I've started this all on my own, so I hope you will be patient with me.
Haven't got much experience with beeing an admin...*lol*

So any suggestions and helps from you to make this a better Community will be gladly welcomed.


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