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Hello, fellow slashers!

I'd like to know if someone can tell me from which episode this scene Read more... ) come from?

My memory is hazy on the first seasons.
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This episode contained a lot of Tim/Tony so I think it deserves a discussion. Feel free to mention your favourite Tim/Tony moment (mine was their first scene, for soo many reasons, just entering together was awesome).

You can read my thoughts at my journal. It isn't just Tim/Tony but that's a big part of it.

2000 words (mostly squeeing about Tim) and 22 HUGE screencaps )

oh, my livejournal entry contains some speculations about the next episode so don't read it if you don't want to be spoiled.

Hmm, what are your thoughts about this episode?

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Guilty Pleasures - Episode Discussion!!

Thoughts? Fave Bits? Some Place To *squee*? Oh yes people, let us all squee together! =D

Not watched the episode yet? Go Now! We'll be waiting =]

Obviously this post (&comments) will contain Spoilers, so if u haven't watched the episode yet and u don't want to ruin it, don't read =]
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tv guide article about a new NCIS triangle


(how do I tag this? *is confused*)
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So yesterday I 'proved' through the medium of flail, that there are a pair of NCIS writers who ship our boys almost as much as we do. (And they get paid to do it, too. Oh life, so unfair.)

If you want to read my *ahem* deeply scientific analysis *ahem* you can find it here.
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NCIS_CBS sneek peak at McGee's new look on tonight's episode... and of course Tony noticed how hot he is much weight he's lost.

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While waiting (and hoping) for [livejournal.com profile] schtroumph_c to do a picspam on Power Down, any thoughts, favorite moments you guys want to share fangirly screams with?

spoiler alert )

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Will contain spoilers so behind the cut....Read more... )

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So now we've all watched Reunion. Thoughts? Favorite moments? Champion Tim/Tony scenes?
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So this is my first time posting here, and I really don't have anything other than DISCUSSIONS FOR 7x01! Because I have no one to fangirl with over all of the Tony/Tim in this episode. D: All of my fangirly ramblings will be behind a cut for anyone who hasn't seen the episode yet.

Spoilers for S7 E01!
Fangirl With Me? :DDDD )
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I'm going to remain as cryptic as possible so as not to spoil the people who haven't seen "Love & War" yet -- though if you haven't seen it yet, why are you reading this? Go watch it! Now! -- and just say that a special Tim & Tony celebration was in order... I made caps and transcribed dialogs... \o/

You're welcome to come and take a look at this post. Squee. Flail. Abuse the caps lock. Etc. -- Very, very spoilery!!!


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