Apr. 11th, 2017

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Hello, my lovelies.

I appreciate this is wayyyyy longer than three weeks, but health issues/real life got in front of me and did that wild hand-flailing blocking thing. In that time, LJ has gone from not only disallowing https which we need for better safety on the internet to moving its servers to Russia, thus placing us effectively under Russian law.

Russian law that prohibits anything that is considered promoting homosexuality. Now, what are the chances of them giving a shit about this comm? Slim to zero, especially since we are barely moving. But do a) I want to risk it or b) feel comfortable not having a back up, c) feel comfortable about the whole state of affairs? No, I do not.

So what's the plan?

I've created a mirror at Dreamwidth and will be importing all entries there. This will take a while as the queue is very busy so don't expect to see anything yet. If you are uncomfortable with a post of yours showing up there, please tell me and I will delete it.

I will then make all posts here visible to friends only with a view to deleting entirely by May. This should give you plenty of time to collect links etc. I really hope you'll follow us to DW.

I'm grateful to all of you who've posted, read, contributed to the love of T-squared. It isn't over, it's just time we moved digs and repainted. Maybe a little less orange this time.


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