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Hi all,

Long time McNozzo shipper, first time poster (as I've only just come back to livejournal after an absence of 6 years).

Anyway after discovering a wonderfully Mcnozzo photo that Pauley Perrette posted on Twitter (I don't actually have an account - I just randomly look at the accounts of a few people ie cast of NCIS) I decided I had to share the love with all like-minded McNozzoids.

This is more proof that Michael Weatherley sooo ships McNozzo -------->

Full photo:

Cropped & enhanced a bit with just our boys:

I love it! At first when I looked at it I thought Sean looked kinda uncomfortable but the more I've looked at it the less uncomfortable he looks. Is that just my tinhat influencing me or does anyone else see it?
- the fact that one of Sean's hands are in full, prominent view. Mmmm hand porn - the man has gorgeous hands!
- that both Michael's hands meet up coz it's a full encompassing with both arms hug
- the look on Michael's face where he looks all content and proud at the same time
- that the way I cropped Diane Neal where you can only just see part of her face it makes it look like she's really interested in what's going on ;)

My Tinhat conversion to NCIS world:
Tim's thoughts "Really Tony right here in front of everyone?"
Tony's thoughts "He's mine"
Borin's thoughts "Ohhh Yummm I have to come to NCIS more often!"

Here's the link to PauleyP's original post on twitter.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!
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